The Incarnation and Particularity


choices_webWhy do anything when we cannot do everything? Why go anywhere when we cannot go everywhere? Why be something when we cannot be everything? These kinds of questions are at the heart of many postmodern people – an existential indecisiveness, a cosmic uncertainty of where to begin. Confronted with a kaleidoscope of alternative ways to live and know and be because of modern technology and education, we feel overwhelmed and become paralyzed. To say yes to one thing means to say no to an almost infinite number of alternatives. We fear planting our feet in one spot and thus missing out on all the rest. We wonder, in the words of the John Mayer song, “am I living it right?”

It seems to me that the most powerful antidote to this postmodern/post-everything kind of uncertainty is the doctrine of the Incarnation. At the Incarnation, God sanctions decision, the willingness to…

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